Agan Aroma & Fine Chemicals Ltd, Israel?

Agan Aroma & Fine Chemicals is committed to providing perfumers with quality and affordable fragrance ingredients for fine and functional fragrances.

Our chemists, modern facilities, rigorous quality control and effective international distribution channels ensure that your relationship with us meets your special needs and enhances your products.

1. Atralone ( Evernyl)
2. Delta Damascone
3. Ganolid
4. Aleol (Cis-3 Hexanol)

Tennants Fine Chemicals Ltd., UK

Tennants group is an international chemicals group, with over 112 branches in 22 countries.
The fine chemicals division is based in Leek, Staffordshire, and is a global supplier of liquid chemicals for use by manufacturers in primary production processes. Exporting to almost 90 different countries worldwide, Tessenderlo Fine Chemicals is the number one producer of esters and aromas in the UK.

1. Hexyle Cinnamic Aldehyde
2. Aldehyde C-8 ( Octanal)
3. Aldehyde C-10 ( Decanol)
4. Hexyl Aceatate

PT Indesso, Indonesia

For over 400 years the islands of Indonesia have provided the world with spices of unparalleled quality. Following this centuries-old tradition, PT Indesso Aroma now produces oil and oil derivatives, natural extracts, and aromatic chemicals from these same renowned spices.

1. Patchouli Oil -887
2. Eugenol 926
3. Eugenol 85%
4. Caryophyllene Tops 920

Wanxiang America Corporation, China

Wanxiang Int’l is a listed company on the Singapore stock exchange, specializing in producing natural and synthetic ingredients used in a wide variety of products. Our ingredients enjoy worldwide success in products ranging from laundry detergents, fine perfumes, foods, toothpaste, and many other consumer goods. Wanxiang Int’l is dedicated to being one of the world’s most respected ingredients manufacturers in the flavor and fragrance industry. We aim to provide our customers with competitive products, be our customer’s strategic partner, and help our customers succeed in the marketplace.

1. Methyl Dihydro Jasmonate

Quimdis, France

Quimdis was created almost 25 years ago, and is a well-respected company with recognised expertise. As a specialist in the research, fine-tuning and distribution of raw materials, Quimdis has doubled its revenue since the beginning of 2000 and is now reporting figures of 64 million euros per year.

1. Vetiver Oil Madagaskar
2. Ylang Oil Extra
3. Amyris Oil Haiti
4. Ylang Ooil III

PT Mignon, Indonesia

PT Mignon Sista International is producer of essential oils. Our essential oils are originally produce from rich and beautiful nature of Indonesia. Therefore, Our essential oils are 100% pure and natural. Also, we’re offering very reasonable price for such a pure and natural essential oils. Only at Mignon you’ll know the meaning of value for money and you’ll only spend the money for what is right.

1. Essential Oils
2. Wood
3. Gums
4. Spices