Chairman’s Profile

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Chairman’s Profile

Mr. K. Vijayakumar, the Managing Director is an Engineering Graduate (1971), and the third generation in this unique niche business of Perfumery, Fragrances, and Aroma Chemicals, & has several decades of experience, expertise, and rich knowledge. Having acquired a diploma in Perfumery, in the year 1976 from the renowned Roure School of Perfumery, France, and several years of experience in various MNCs like Old Spice, and Givaudan, Switzerland, he is currently the Chairman and Managing Director of the Vigirom Group. Vigirom is today one among the better known companies in India that distribute Flavour and Fragrance raw materials, and manufacture quality Fragrances.
Vijayakumar was, until the year 1994, the Chairman and Managing Director of the Givaudan Roure Joint Venture in Bangalore, India, in partnership with his earlier privately held Company Vinarom Ltd., established in the year 1984, which is today, as a Givaudan subsidiary, the largest F & F Company in India. The family, for generations, have represented and worked with such well known Companies as Roure Bertrand Dupont, France, Tata’s Industrial Perfumes, Mumbai, KL Koh, Singapore, Polak & Schwartz, Holland, Schimmel & Co., Germany, PT Karimun, Indonesia, etc. etc.

Vijayakumar is involved in assisting and promoting non profit organizations like the Vijayam Bharani Trust, Heritage Trust, where he is an active Trustee. As Managing Trustee of the Vijayam Bharani Trust for several decades, he is responsible for, and oversees the preparation and distribution of 300 nutritious mid day meals each day to malnourished children in government schools, located close to the Vigirom facility.

As President of the Heritage Foundation , a non profit govt. recognized organization, he encourage and supports the dissemination of culture, the fine arts and social awareness in the community.

Vijayakumar is also an active Director in 2 new initiatives Nephrolife India P. Ltd. (, a state of the art dialysis centre, that can handle 2000 dialyses a month, and IEC India P. Ltd.(, a joint venture with IEC France, to conduct studies and clinical and validation trials on a comprehensive range of cosmetics and related products.